Prices are based on the following:

Size – Raw material used per square inches. The space between letters isn’t reusable so, when thinking of the raw material, picture your text as a large solid rectangle.

Complexity – A complex or small detailed font or design requires more time.

Time – How soon the product is needed and where your order falls in the queue may affect the price. We can generally provide vinyl the same day an order is placed if all of the information we need is available and the files are clean. Only during busier time will there be a rush charge for products requiring same-day turnaround.

Every order is unique so there is no set cost. However, a simple one or two lines of text at around 36” in width is usually no more than $35 depending upon its complexity.



Leaf Cutter vinyl signs are made using easy-to-apply adhesive-backed vinyl that is custom cut to customer specifications. We cut our vinyl using vector files generated in Adobe Illustrator, so every product is unique to the buyer and is easily reproducible.

*The best way to place an order is to create and submit your own Adobe Illustrator file.